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Points when shooting dead fish Is a player's prize money, for example a player shoots a fish with 10 baht ammunition, in which the fish has a score of 10 times, the prize is 100 baht.

The profit from firing fish is ammunition management. Or funds to place bets By using the number of ammunition less than the value of the reward, therefore, for the above case Players must limit the amount of ammunition used to not more than 10 rounds (100 baht) in order to get profit. From shooting that fish successfully


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CASINO GAMES Gaming is one of Asia's leading online casino and gaming software software. With the invention and development of software systems all the time From over a hundred software system developers and game platforms For this reason, CASINO GAMES Gaming is a leader in the provision of casino games both online and non-online. Finally winning the Best Online Casino Solution and receiving a PAGCOR license from the Philippines To confirm the professionalism of CASINO GAMES Gaming. 

The services of CASINO GAMES Gaming or CASINO GAMES Game are quite diverse in the form of online games and online casinos such as Baccarat Online, Roulette, Sic Bo, Fantan Tiger, Fish Games etc. Live as well as Live 24. Hours straight from casinos in the Philippines. With the most advanced camera sharpness system. 

With a variety of games and online casinos Therefore, there are many players who are members with CASINO GAMES Gaming, resulting in many agents in Malayland such as CASINO GAMES Game 66, CASINO GAMES Game 1688, CASINO GAMES Game 88, CASINO GAMES Game VIP, CASINO GAMES Game 888 and CASINO GAMES-TH etc. Distinctive of CASINO GAMES Gaming is inevitable. Online casino games (CASINO GAMES Game Baccarat) that make a lot of people like to play this type of gambling game in particular. Because of the technological innovation that.

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